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Aponogeton Crispus Bulb - Freshwater Aquatic Plant

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Apongeton crispus, a native of seasonal ponds and marshy areas in Sri Lanka, is very common in the aquatic trade. Although it grows in ponds that are only filled with water in the rainy season, A. crispus does not need a dormant period in the aquarium. It also tends to hybridize very easily with others of its genus. This popular, ubiquitous plant is easily found online and at large stores in the aquarium or pond sections. A. crispus is an easy plant to grow and a great beginner plant. Moderate light and a nutritious substrate are its main demands on the hobbyist. Although softer acidic water is preferred, this Aponogeton will tolerate hard, alkaline water. It is an excellent candidate for non-CO2, low maintenance aquariums with soil substrates. Yellowing and deteriorating leaves should be cut off from the base of the plant. Propagation is by done by the division of the plant's tuber or by seeds. A. crispus will often flower in the aquarium setting. Due to its large size, A. crispus is suitable only in large aquaria. Even in large, deep aquaria, this plant can grow and stretch its leaves across the top, so keep its growth habits in mind when positioning a specimen in your aquarium. That said, this plant is very suitable for the background or as a solitary specimen plant in an aquascape.
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