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AquaLeaf Aquatics Live Shrimp Ecosystem Kit - Low Maintenance - Free Shipping

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  • Easy live aquarium plant specie for any freshwater aquarium
  • Can be set up in minutes. Just add shrimp food (included) once a month
  • Complete miniature marine world is the perfect blend of science and art
This live shrimp ecosystem is a humane ecosystem that self-sustains for an extended period of time. Unlike enclosed ecosystems where shrimp end up dying of starvation after a couple of years. this ecosystem allows for food to be added and airflow when needed. It contains live marine shrimp, live algae and microorganisms. All composing elements exist and interact with each other in an attractively designed, high-quality clear glass, and all the elements needed to start the ecosystem in a few minutes. No frequent water changes, No daily feeding, No water filtration. Just provide indirect natural or artificial light and enjoy observing its gradual development. How it works: The algae use light and carbon dioxide to produce glucose and oxygen. The oxygen is liberated into the water and is used by the shrimp for breathing. The shrimp feed on algae and microorganisms and release waste and carbon dioxide into the water. Microorganisms feed on shrimp’s waste and brake it down into dissolved simple inorganic nutrients. The algae use the nutrients and the carbon dioxide for growth, thus closing the symbiotic cycle. You only need to transfer the shrimp from their transport bag into the glass cylinder after the water is prepared. Includes: 3 Live Shrimp, Glass Cylinder, Wooden Cork Top, Sand, Dry Sea Fan Branch, Lava Rocks, Sea Shells, Live Algae, Marine Salt and Care Instructions.
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