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AquaLeaf Aquatics Self-Cloning Blue Marbled Crayfish | Procambarus Clarkii

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The marbled crayfish or Marmorkrebs, is a parthenogenetic crayfish that was discovered in the pet trade in Germany in the 1990s. Procambarus fallax forma virginalis is an informal subspecies designation for the marbled crayfish, and some researchers have proposed a new species designation, Procambarus Virginalis. Unlike most aquarium fishes and shrimp, Marbled Crayfish are not picky about their water at all. They can be housed in extreme conditions and will be fine. This aquarium freshwater crayfish is an Omnivore. They are decent algae eaters, and if sufficient algae is not present, foods intended for aquarium fish and invertebrates can be used to supplement their diet. Another great supplement is blanched (boiled until soft) vegetables. Marble Crayfish do not need a mate in order to breed. They are for lack of a better term "Self Cloning". Their offspring will be excat clones of their parents. They can even be grown in buckets! As with all aquatic invertebrates, it is important to make sure copper does not get into the aquarium. Copper is toxic to all Dwarf Shrimp. Many medications contain elevated levels of copper, so it is recommended not to medicate an aquarium Recommended Tank Parameters: PH Range: 6.0 - 8.0 Temp Range: 64 - 80 Life Span: 1 - 2 years Ideal pH: 6.8 Size: Approx. 3" - 6"
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