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Cabomba Furcata - 4+ Stems | Tropical Live Aquarium Plant

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You get 1 bunch of Cabomba Furcata with at least 4 stems. Which can be separated and planted in your aquarium according to ones liking. Cabomba furcata is best planted in dense stem groups of 3-7 stems. When placed in the midground or background areas, the red foliage will serve as an attractive piece in the aquascape.Trimming the plant at the lower internodes will force the plant to send out side shoots that can make the plant appear. In addition, trimming so that the stems are terraced at different heights allows for greater visual depth of the plant. This plant requires high lighting, so please make sure it receives plenty of light so it can thrive in your aquarium.
  • Live aquarium plant specie for any freshwater aquarium or pond
  • Create a natural habitat in your aquarium for your fish and invertebrates
  • Make your fish tank look natural and beautiful
  • Provide natural resting and hiding places for your smaller fish and invertebrates
  • Perfect for 5+ gallons aquariums
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