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Pink Tropical Water Lily - Water Garden Live Pond Plant

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Tropical Water Lilies are spectacular pond plants that can be grown outside in your water garden in all zones as long as the weather is warm enough. Tropical water lilies like the temperature to be at least 70 degrees. If you live in areas that freeze, you can winter your tropical water lilies inside and bring them out again in the spring. Tropical water lilies are very free flowering and for the most part, very fragrant. Tropical water lilies come in shades of white, yellow, pink, red, blue and purple. Tropical water lilies come in both day blooming and night blooming varieties. Depth should be maintained between 6" to 18" when first transplanted and then once established can be grown from 12" to 30" deep depending on the variety.
  • You get a pink water lily ready to introduce to your pond as is. The plant is shipped bareroot.
  • An exceptionally prolific bloomer, often producing clusters of three or more flowers at once, 'Director Moore' has a medium leaf spread and is adaptable to all but the smallest ponds.
  • Our waterlilies are maturing plants in budding/blooming condition. You can expect blooms within the first days to a week of planting in your pond!
  • This water lily will adjust to the height of your pond. Leave submerged and leaves will rise to the top within weeks. Tropical water lilies are excellent additions to water gardens, tub gardens and small ponds.
  • Tropical water lilies will outperform hardy water lilies by blooming, growing and staying up twice as much and long compared to hardy water lilies. This plant will thrive in warm temperatures, regions with very cold winters are not hospitable to these plants

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