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Water Lettuce and Water Hyancinth Bundle - 6 Floating Live Pond Plants

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Water lettuce provides a floating rosette of attractive foliage that resembles lettuce. The plants float in ponds and water features, forming dense clumps of leaves. The leaves remain dry while the long roots dangle freely in the water. The plants shade the water and the floating roots leach nutrients from the pond, which helps prevent algae growth. Water lettuce grows naturally as a tropical perennial. In colder climates, grow the plant as an annual or bring it indoors to overwinter. Your fish will love them. They will appreciate the shade, shelter, and food provided. This plant controls algae and increases oxygen in the water. Water Hyancinth are great biofilters. Their long roots provide a hiding place for smaller pond inhabitants. They grow extremely fast, specially with lots of sun exposure. They are 100% chemical free and are fish and shrimp safe.
  • You get 6 plants of about 3-5 inches in diameter, 3 of each species. These are grown plants, ready to reproduce.
  • These oxygenating plants keep the water clean and filtered in your water garden.
  • They serve as natural biofilters to your pond
  • Controls algae by absorving nutrients from the water
  • Please note, we can not ship to the following states: AL, FL, SC, TX. Also, roots on these plants might fall off during shipping but they will not affect their well being once settled in your pond.
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